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Bible Passage 2 Samuel:7
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God Will Build You a House

  • Pastor Ehimare Odafen
Date preached September 24, 2023

Topic: God Will Build You a House
Text: 2 Samuel 7

David, a humble desert-born boy, ascended to become a powerful and wealthy king. The desire in God’s heart was to grant him a name that would resonate through generations, akin to the blessings bestowed upon Isaac, Jacob, and Abraham. God established them and engraved their names into His divine history.

The God of Abraham
The God of Isaac
The God of Jacob
Prayer: May God bestow upon you a name.

God specializes in name transformations:
Hannah, once barren, was transformed by God into a fruitful woman.
The woman suffering from an issue of blood found wealth, beauty, and fertility through divine intervention.
Jabez, a man filled with sorrow, prayed to God, and his name was changed (1 Chronicles 4:9-10).
Prayer: May heaven reveal the name that awaits you.

When Saul journeyed to Damascus, he encountered God, resulting in a name change from Saul to Paul (Acts 10:38). God’s anointing by the Holy Spirit brought about transformations, such as the healing of the blind, the raising of Lazarus, Mary Magdalene’s redemption, and the conversion of Zacchaeus the tax collector. The Lord alters both names and life situations.

There are two key factors in God’s transformation of names into greatness:
The presence of God, exemplified by Joseph’s prosperity due to God’s presence.
The removal of enemies, including oppression, depression, stagnation, and unfruitfulness. God will eliminate these hindrances to establish your good name.
Not all names that the world celebrates hold significance to God. To receive a great name from God, obedience and a refining process are essential.

God is delighted when you commit to building His house (Haggai 1:2 to the end, Exodus 24:40, 2 Samuel 7:10). In return, you will find rest from your adversaries. Some actions we take are not just for the present but for future generations (Hebrews 16:7).
Your life should be a testament to God’s work. Just as there were twelve tribes of Israel and twelve disciples, seek a name that transcends earthly recognition.

– Jesus is here to transform your name for the better. Even Jesus Christ Himself received a name before which every knee bows (Philippians 2:10).
– The Lord will grant you a new and honorable name.
– May the Lord grant you a new name, making you great in both heaven and on earth.

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