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July Rabbi  Second Service 2023

  • Pastor Joshua Olaleye
Date preached July 30, 2023
Rabbi  Second Service 
Ministering: Pastor Joshua Olaleye
The month of Divine Placement 
Psalm 105:17-19, Rev. 4:11, 2Cor. 4:15, Ecclesiastes 3:1
1 Peter 5:10 speaks about suffering for a while to be established and settled.
Act 7:9 The presence of God was a constant factor in his life because he maintained his character
Gen 45:5-8 Wherever God places you is for his name to be glorified; He does this to test your character, loyalty, and integrity.
Gen 22:2 Abraham’s loyalty was tested. God tested Abraham and Abraham was found faithful.
Abraham passed and God gave him the covenant of blessing that can never be broken.
The devil was not after Job’s money but his integrity. Job 2:9-10.
1. 1Timothy 4:12 Don’t ever despise your God-given dream, gift for anything.                    Things can get tough but let the Lord guide you and make all things work together for good (Romans 8:28)
2.Isaiah 43:2-5 Things can get rough but you can count on God’s presence and it will work for you. Wherever God has placed in you are there for a purpose therefore ensure you fulfil that purpose.
3.Psalms 119:11 Let the word be your standard and let it guide your life.  .
4.Rev 4:11 Your placement is for God’s glory not for your enjoyment.
5.You are divinely placed to be a blessing and bring glory to God.
6.Mark 3:14, Rev 3:16 GOD is interested in your relationship with him.
1. God help me to fulfil purpose here in this world in Jesus name.
2. Father in this corrupt world, help us to remain incorruptible in Jesus name.


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