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Today’s awesome ministration by Pastor Charles Koomsom

Today’s session of Divine Connection was awesome!πŸ”₯✨✨✨🌟
Ministering: Pastor Charles Koomsom
Theme: God will do it again Part 2.
2nd Service, Sun 22, 2023
Hab 1:2-3; ISA 9:6; Lam 3:7; Rev 3:11
Snapshot of message
Every act that emanates from God is full of wonders. That is why when Habakkuk reflected on the works of God, he was full of awe. He was amazed by the wonder of God. Habakkuk was after experiencing it. 
You can only be a true preacher of His word, until you experience what you are preaching. You need to experience His Miracles not just hear, see but experience. 
God His a respecter of His word. He exalts His word more than His name.He is a God of consistency, He can’t change. He brings His word to past
*God is preparing a table before you, it’s your time!
* This is your season of fulfillment of His word in your life 
* It’s your time of breakthrough is all facet of your life.
* There is a cloud ☁️ of mantle hanging for us to claim. Those that want to serve the Lord
* This divine connection is your opportunity to access those unfulfilled prophesies/ word.
Prayer point.
Everything of mine that is dead and buried, come alive. IJN

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