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The Wonder Of Light (Isiah 60:1)-Last Sunday Service for July 2023

  • Pastor Bolaji Ogunwo
Date preached July 30, 2023

Matthew 5:14-16, I Peter 2:9

The month of divine placement.

  • Gen 1:3- Light is the first discovery and first invention.
  • Isaih 60:1-3- Arise and Shine for your light has come.
  • 1 John 1:7- If you work in the light, God will clean your sins
  • 1 Sam 16: 18- Light gives visibility and Placement
  • Luke 5: 1-7.- Light commands value. Where you are placed determines your value. May the Lord place you higher.
  • Isiah 9: 2- Darkness is dangerous than danger, it makes a man unnoticed and least relevant. The source of light is Jesus Christ (God). Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. When the light shines in the dark, the darkness comprehends it not.

How do we obtain this light or Increase it intensity?

  • Psalm 34:5, Heb. 12:2- Look unto God, He is the author of this light.
  • 1st Peter 2:9. -Show forth the light. Show God to the world because God is not to be hidden.

You know things have been difficult but you desire a turn around, lift your hands above your head and say.
“Father!! (Be Violent), shed your light upon me. My life is too dark right now, I need your light, please shed your light upon me in Jesus name”

Prayer for lives that are dedicated: Lord, you are the giver of Light, please forgive their sins, father give them light to be noticed and be seen

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