Family Service

The wonderful story of Love by Pastor Mrs Olaleye

Family Service
Minister: Pastor Mrs Olaleye
Text : John 3:16

Topic : Easter The wonderful story of Love.

Don’t settle for less.
 Marring an unbeliever is settling for less.

Easter John 3:16 tells the story of love God for mankind.

Four things to note:
The Love Gen 1:1-5

1. He created the world.
Special creation is Man to be like him.  Gen 1:26-27. He wanted fellowship, Dominion

2. The fall of man : John 10:10 eve gave room for the serpent. Man sinned, because God is holy.  There has to be atonement of sins. Hebrews 9.

3. The cross.  Romans 5:8

4. Victory : he had a total victory.

Become God conscious.

There is freedom from sin and we have power over sin Roman 6:14

No more condemnation

Hope eternal : you enjoy hope Eternal with Christ.

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