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Empower to serve by Bro ifeanyi

Jacob service
Minister : Bro Ifeanyi
Topic: Empower to serve
Text:1st kings 18

God is able to make you rise ,  your position or status is not a problem for God

God can give us power to move without restrictions

God can give Power to produce result

God can give Power to raise above others

1st kings 18:42-46

Waiting on the Lord can be in praying

– Attribute of those that soar
1. Faith
2.  Prayer
3. Action

-Evidence and result
1. Divine strength
2. Divine acceleration
3. Your vision is bigger
4. They are unstoppable

I’m conclusion,  for us as Christian we are empowered . The eagle relies on the wind to soar. The spirit of God is your wind to soar.  You can’t raise without the holy spirit. Act 1:8

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