Rabbi Service

Called to stand out by Pastor Joshua Olaleye

Rabbi service
Minister: Pst Joshua Olaleye
Text: Gensis 6:5-9
Topic: Called to stand out (Romans 12:2)

We live in a society that want us to conform to what the Society wants.

1st  peter 2:9

You are called out to stand out. Not to fit into the mode of the society.

Isaiah 65:8
You are the New wine in a cluster and you must stand out in holiness, integrity,  adding value, been a witness of Christ .

We called to stand out . That’s why we are called a church . A church is meant to stand out.

God used Noah to preserve his generation .
Noah found grace

Points to note
1.  Everyone might be doing it but be the Noah that won’t do it. Noah stands out.

2. Everyone is not actually doing it because there is a Noah not doing it.

3. God is always intrested in those who stand out.

4. Your difference makes God to locate you

5. Your difference is not a disadvantage.

6. Golden eagle will never eat a meat it never kills.

7. Those who walk with God are always different not the same

8. There are instructions given  to those standing out.

9.  There is no room for variation. 1samuel 15:17

10. Even if you are standing out now . You have to continually stand out.

How to stand out for God.

1. Determination.  Daniel 1:8, Genesis 39:7

2. Dedication .

3. Denial. Mark 8:34

Your actions cost you alot( family , friends ,work ) because you are standing for Christ.

4. Draw strength from the holy spirit .

If we want to stand out, we have to be sure of who we are .

There are few standing , not everyone is doing it.

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