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Financial Integrity- Family Service by Pastor Mrs Olaleye

18th September 2022
Ministering: Pastor Mrs Josephine olaleye
Financial Integrity means financial responsibility, capacity and history of personal integrity to operate a financial relationship.
Financial integrity also means honoring the promises u made to yourself concerning financial matters. 

Personal integrity as regards financial integrity
1. Defend your credibility capital. Be determined to defend your credibility capital.( proverbs 22:1). 
2. Financial budget. (Gen 41:34-35 as regards financial budget). Live by budget.   Also, note that budgeting is about being intentional. Furthermore, set a financial purpose. To set a financial budget Limit your spending and set a purpose. 
3. Be accountable when you handle other people’s money. 
4. Avoid borrowing. (Romans 13:7). 
In conclusion, integrity in leadership a lot to break through financial distress. For example; Integrity in leadership goes against using money meant for a particular purpose to achieve a selfish desire which is against God’s way.
Financial integrity makes a family work. 
Note:Financial integrity has to start from us. You can avoid tax but don’t evade tax.

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