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Living a purpose driven life by Bro Tunde Abiola

Youth and young adult service
Minster: Bro Tunde Abiola

Topic: Living a purpose driven life
Text: Gen 1:26-28

1. Knowing or discovering your purpose
2. Pursuing
3. Keys to discovery

Purpose is the reason or intention behind a thing.

Purpose is the reason why God made us in the first instance.

Psalm 82:6

Your purpose is not an outcome of your creation  .your creation is the outcome of your purpose.

Jeremiah 1:5

Purpose is the intention of what God want to do in our life.

God sent you to this world to solve a problem.

Is your name aligned to your purpose.

Your purpose is God’s thought concerning you.

Your purpose is God’s will for your life. Hebrews 10:7

Your purpose is bigger than you.

Your purpose sets you up for divine involvement .

Your purpose answers all of the 5 fundamental questions of a man
1. Who am I?(identity)
2. Where am I from? (Source)
3. Why am I here ? (Purpose)
4. What can I do? (Potential)
5. Where am I going ? (Destiny)

Mark 16:15-16 , Mathew 28:19

How do I discover my purpose?

Be born again
Ask and call upon the Lord to show you your purpose . Seek, Knock.

How do you pursue and actualize?

Discover it early
Be sold out to it
Embrace fathers and mentors
Nurture your purpose
Follow the Lord closely
Position yourself for greatness
Have a sense of urgency .

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