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15 invaluable laws of growth by Pastor Mrs Olaleye Josephine

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Pst Mrs Olaleye
15 invaluable laws of growth by John Maxwell (Reference Book)

The law of reflection states that “when you pause and think, growth catches up with you”.
Romans 12:1&2
Reflection mean having a serious thought of consideration.

How to practice reflection
1. We need quietness within and if possible, quietness without
2. We need to ask ourselves some deep questions
NB: Quality of your questions would determine the quality of your answers and that would determine the quality of your growth.

Some questions to ask yourself daily about experiences

a. What happened and what did I learn from it?
b. How can I apply what I learnt going forward?
c. How can I make it part of me and how can I pass it on?

3. Take time to listen to those answers

Benefits of practicing the laws of reflection
1. It improves communication with yourself, God and significant people in your life.
 Types of Prayers:
Vocal and listening prayers
2. Reflection turns experience into insight.
Evaluated or reflected experience is what makes you grow.
3. Reflecting with intention leads to growth. Joshua 1:7; Jeremiah 15:16
4. Reflection can help you link what happened to what is happening now and to what can happen. John 2:1-9

In conclusion;
“Pausing to think allows growth to catch up with you”

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