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Divine connection by Pastor Emovon

Divine connection
Day 1
Pastor Emovon

Topic: Enjoying God’s glory
Text:1st thess  2:12

The call into Christianity is a call to glory.

Psalm 24:7-10

God is the king of glory and he enjoys glory.. Revelation 5:13

1st John 4:17, 1st Timothy 6:17

God can manifest Glory in different ways
1. It can manifest in form of wealth: There is nothing glorious in poverty 2nd Corinthians 8;9, Genesis 31:1 glory can manifest as wealth

2. It can manifest in form of influence and fame : non influencier people are looked down at but influencier people are looked up to. Glory makes you relevant. Glory brings light. Luke 6:38 , Genesis 45:13

3. It can manifest in form of miraculous provision: Exodus 16:14,  1king 17

4.  It can manifest in power and authority : Acts 13:10  Glory give you sweatless result.

How to Enjoy this God’s glory

1.  Be in God’s prescence
2. Be thankful.  Luke 17:16-19
3. Be generous . Proverb 11:25

It is dangerous to experience God’s  glory in vain. Numbers 14:22,  Proverbs 3:35,  Matthew  2:2.

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