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The advantage of The Holy Spirit by Bro Ifeanyi

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Text : Ephesians 3:20

There is a fullness of God. God is able to do anything we ask of. This is done because there is a power inside of us to bring to reality of the desires of our heart.

The Holy spirit is the advantage we have over the devil and his works . There is advantage inside of us.

Holy Spirit. Act 10:38, John 3:34, Joel 2:28 .

-Examples of people who have the spirit in measure.

1. Samson . He was given a measure for strength. Isaiah 59:19

2. Exodus 31:2-4  Enabled him to be wise and had extra ordinary skills.

3. Daniel . Daniel 2:10 . Imposibiltity becomes possible.

The Holy spirit can give revelations

-When the Holy spirit comes on you

He makes you a child of God

He reveals the will of God and guides you to pray.

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