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Redemption Benefits by Pastor Joshua Olaleye

Rabbi service
Minister: Pastor Olaleye
Topic: Redemption Benefits
Text: 1st Peter 2- 9:10

Redemption offers blessings beyond human reasoning.

Redemption is a response to God’s call and take actions by stepping out to reach out to God.

When there is no fruit of redemption ,

frustration sets in.

– what does redemption offer us
1. To take us out of shame to step into glory.  Psalm 34:5

2. Stepping out of bondage to freedom. John 8:36

3. Stepping out of poverty to prosperity. John 10:10

4. Stepping out of obscurity to the limelight. Isiah 60:1

5. Stepping out of friutless labour to friutfulness

6. Stepping out of sickness into good health. Exodus 15:26

7. Stepping out of barenness to faithfulness.

8.  Stepping out of slavery into sonship. Galatians 4:7

9. Stepping out of sinful nature to a holy life

10.  Stepping of eternal condemnation to eternal  life.

– why are we not enjoying the benefit of redemption.

Matthew 6:33.
Relationship can only thrive on agreement. The value must a line amos 3:3

Constant walking with him.

Genesis 17;1-2

Be perfect . Matthew 5:48. 1st Peter 15:16.

A change of status and life style .

A call to purity .

Genesis 39:6-12

– looking at the life of Joseph
1.  He knew what he was in the house to do and he was careful.

There are slot of benefit if you are obident to the Lord

2.  Know your  boundary . Ephesians 4:29

3. Be discipined. Job 31:1

4. Be determined .

5. You must resist temptation.

6. You must be consistent.

Daniel 6:10

You need to be optistimistic  about the things around you.

Psalm 66:12

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