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Shine by Bro Ifeanyi Eke

Every light as its source from somewhere, Jesus is the light and only true light. John 1vs 4, 
Sunday service
Minister: Bro Ifeanyi
Text: Mathew 5:14-16
Topic: Shine
From the text we understand that 
1. There is darkness in the world, Ephesians 6:12
2. The world is in need of light.
3. Light attracts and its obvious . As a Christian your light has to shine, and people are attracted to you. Jesus in you should attract favour
What is the evidence of darkness?
1. Stumbling- John 11:10, provebs 4:19
2. Weeping- Psalm 30:5
3. Lack of sight. Lack of vision also no focus. 
No matter how thick darkness is, all you need is light. 
No matter what you are going through, all you need is Jesus and darkness will disappear.
Know that light comes with revelation 
Your light shine as much as can. There should not be limitations . There should be access. 
How to have light
1. Prayers
2. Get to understand Jesus . Find Jesus in the bible 
Lastly, if your life is full of darkness, your life is the best place for his light. The glory of God can show in your life.

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