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Law of trade off

Family Service
Minister: Pst Mrs Olaleye
Topic: law of trade off
Text: Hosea 4:6

This law says you have give up to grow up .

You need to trade your comfort atimes. Hosea 4:16

John 12:23-26

This law focus is determined on how to do a trade off. What are the things you need to trade off?

For this law to work in your life something’s must happen

1. It can be painful : Delayed gratification:  this is one of the trade off.

2. Trade off  can be opportunity for exponential growth .

3. Trade off never leaves us the same.

4. Some are never worth the price tag

5. some bring us down .

6. Some land us in trouble.

Where can we apply the law of trade off.

1. Financially
2. Spiritually: Matthew 16:26
3. Health and longetivity4. In career or personal pursuit
5. Our relationship

Decide what to train or what to trade off.

In conclusion be comfortable for growth in the right direction . Matthew 16:24-27

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