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The part of true greatness by Pastor Joshua

Rabbi Service
Minister: Pastor Joshua Olaleye
Text: Job 22:23-30
Topic: The part of true greatness

There is divine provision for you in God.

For every provision there is a condition to be met .

What does it mean to be great ?
To be great is to be remarkable and outstanding.

Every one is destined to be great but not every one will be great .

Joshua 1:8.
True greatness is not about material or wealth .

It is impossible to meet a great man without wealth . Jeremiah 45:5.

Wealth should run after you . not you running after wealth . Mattew 6:33.

Example of those that were great and wealth were following
1. Abraham .Genesis 24-35
You do not need to know where God is leading you . all you need to do is to trust that he is leading you.

2. Joseph .Genesis 39:7-9

3. Job. Job 1:1-3

4. David . John 18:35

Position doesn’t make people great .

Greatness gotten by wealth that is devoured of good character will lead to untimely death. Daniel 25:1-3

When i loose my wealth i have lost nothing, when i loose my health i have lost something , i have lost everything when i loose my character. Billy Gram .

Stop running after wealth .

When you follow the part of true greatness . you will meet wealth on the way.

Be a man or woman of positive  influence .

When God makes you great. Kings will serve you .

True greatness is the ability to influence God and man .

When men say no hope, you are there to give hope.

1st king 18-19

True greatness is ensuring the people around you dont remain small. 1St samuel 22:2

True is greatness is not an event but a process . 

Until you get to the point money is not important to you . that’s the point of greatness .

-Parts to follow to greatness
1. Connection : your right source to the true part of greatness matters. 1st chronicles 29

The seed of greatness is activated in you

When you are connected to God, you are connected to your purpose

Help the poor

Be a mentor to someone

2. Commitment

Commit your self to offer solution when necessary .

Commit your life to sacrifice .
 Commit yourself to winning souls .

You are saved to serve .

3. Character

Integrity, trustworthy , loyalty , humility

4. Absolute trust in God

In conclusion , You are destined to be great because you are a product of greatness.

Greatness is your birth right, dont sell it cheap .

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