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Attaining growth in every area of our lifes by Pastor Mrs Olaleye

Family service
Pst Mrs Olaleye
Luke 15 ;11
Attaining growth in every area of our lifes

We will be looking at

1. Growth
There are levels of growth to God, God speaks constantly everyday this is a means of growth, also in your family and business and other part you need growth.

Growth is increase in size, it is movement from where you use to be.

Growth is a continuous process. The day you stop growing , you keep dying

A desire to be better everyday

Growth can be conscious or unconscious.

We have to leave the unconscious growth and focus on the conscious . Concious growth is achieved by deoibrare and conscious effect.

For anyone to grow you have to raise your level of awareness. There is no change without awareness.

2) Awareness
Ability to take a conscious look around you. Eph 6:17-18

How can we be more aware
1. Ask God
2. Experience : our experience makes us aware
3. Exposure : read and learn from other people
4. Association

3. Action: take actions ,  awareness is important but action is importanter.
Action is doing something for a purpose to give a result.

Don’t allow paralysis of analysis affect you / or affect you .

Don’t ever stop at desire.. go futher to achieve it .

Action beats words over and over .. do more of prayer . Mathew 21

One thing that can limit all this is Fear. 2nd kings 7:3 . You need to conquer fear. Become aware

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