Special Program

More than a Miracle (part 5) by Pastor Joshua Olaleye

 Impartation Service 

Sunday 31/10/2021

Topic: More than a Miracle (part 5)

Sub Topic: Sustained by God

Reference – Ps 1:1-3

* God acts graciously to those who honor him

* Once you are sustained by God; every action yield results – Ps 92:12-14

* God blesses those who walk in his law. His law propels you to stay in line and prosper.

* A blessed man is one who is sustained and supplied by God

* Once your sins are forgiven, you are qualified for God’s blessings – Col 1:13-14, Ps 105:1-5 

* A blessed man cannot wither Ps 1:4

* A blessed man puts his hope in God and prospers.


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