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PEACE BE STILL BY DADDY G O on this day, March 29 2020

If God is in your boat, it can never sink.

Bible Texts: Mark 4: 35-41, Psalm 35:27, Job 36:11, Gen 1:28, Exodus 15:26, John 1:3, John 9:1-7, Daniel 2:20-21, John 8:1-11, 1 King 3:1-28, Prov 1:24-27

There is no situation God cannot get involved if you invite Him.
God is interested in every storm in your life, marriage, business, health, and academics.
Obey and serve Him and you will enjoy prosperity all the days of your life.
Remind Him of your situation and He will speak a word.
Powerful God that can give you a spare part.
God can solve difficult problems, fear not.
If He is not in your boat when the boat sink, whom will you call upon.
God knows who are His if you don’t live according to His word you’re not His.

Prov 1:27-29
Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me.
Seek God and He shall answer you.
Remain Blessed.

Sunday School

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