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What season are you in? By Pastor Joshua Olaleye

Sunday service
Pst Joshua
What season are you in?
Eccl 1 vs 8
There is a season for every thing, different season for different things, it could be a season for change, battle or struggle, but all this comes and goes.
On our way in life, we get to go through many seasons like
1) Attitude
2) Choice
3) Action
In life, attitude, choice and actions defines your way of life… The outcome of every season you are in determined by your action, choice and attitude..  You action produce your reaction. Proverbs 24 vs 10, you can’t stop adversity but what you make from it matters.
People tends to complain when they are in bad season but forgets to be thankful for the good season, forgetting you have to be thankful for all season … It’s not about the season but what you make out of it.
Examples in the bible are :
-2samuel 11 vs 1, David exhibited it during the season of battle, he lost it because of lack of choice, action and attitude.
-King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4 vs 29-33 he lost all because of his lack of choice towards the one who gave him the victory.
-King Aires in 2chronicles 28, in the season of trouble he didn’t seek Gods help but was going about been unfaithful.
– Queen Esther in Esther 4 vs 14.. This people took time to do what they can during their season and this brought about their actions .
— Things expected from us in this season.
Genesis 37 vs 1- , the story of Joseph , even with all he faced and him been sold out, he didn’t change his actions and God was with him
You might do the right thing and yet suffer for it.
1) acknowledge God : whatever season always acknowledge God.  Roman 8 vs 28. 
2) Dont be lazy, work hard, whatever season you are. Proverbs 22 vs 29, eccl 9 vs 10.
3) don’t be a fool : a fool does not save in time of plenty. Proverbs 6 vs 6 – 8. Dont eat a seed in time of farming, instead sow a seed. A fool thinks he can fool God but no he can’t.
4) all you need to break though is what you have and not all you don’t have: all you need is already inside of you, its deposited inside of you. Judges 3 vs 31, use what you have to get what you want.
According to Jentezen Franklin: you are doing the wrong cry by doing breakthrough but you need to breakout to experience breakthrough.
5) Dont loose faith… Genesis 40.
6) Dont abore resentment to people who are against your success… Isaiah 38 vs 3.
No what you going through its just a season.. Don’t let it determine your actions.

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