3 hours with God, Ministration, Special Program

Holy Spirit by Pastor Joshua

When you speak in tongues you are being edified
When you speak in tongues it reminds you that you are in partnership with God and prevents you from falling into temptation
Speaking in tongues helps you say the right words when you pray
It keeps you from careless thoughts (John 7:38)
It helps you to be sensitive to the holy spirit(Romans chp 8)
(1 Corinthians chp 12 vs 1)
(1 Corinthians chp 12 vs 8)
( Acts of Apostle chp 4 vs 31)
It enriches you with the boldness in testimony and service .
Gift of prophecy comes upon you
When you relate with the holy spirit it empowers you for the service of the kingdom .
All you need to do is be hungry and cry to God and the Holy Spirit will not depart from you. Call on him and he will answer,seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you.
You need to thirst for the Holy Spirit.

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May 27, 2017

Speaking in tongues is one language the devil does not and can never understand!


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