Sermon (By Bro Ifeanyi) & Prayer Point From Jacob Service

Sunday, 8th March 2015

Topic: What Deliverance Can Do

Jesus delivers from trouble Psalm 50:15
Jesus delivers from sickness John 5: 1-15
Jesus delivers from failure Luke 5:4-5
Jesus Delivers from death Luke 7:1-10
Jesus delivers from demons Mark 5:1-9, Act 10:38
Jesus delivers from Sin Gal 1:4, Isiaih 54:17
Every evil that has gain access into my life
Lord destroy them now
Every Door that connects my life to death,
Lord close it now in Jesus name
Father!, every satanic plan to deny me of my possession.
I reject now in the name of Jesus

Prayer Point From Jacob Service

Jesus!, You are the reason why I’m here today.
Your name is Bigger than every other name
Father! today, Look beyond my works
for the sake of your name. 
Give me a miracle today
Psalm 115:1     Read more

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March 8, 2015

Truely Jesus is the Great Delieverer! Am a living witness


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