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Parenting in the King’s business by Mrs Gbemisola Agbato

Minister: Gbemisola Agbato
Malachai 2:15
God is seeking Godly offspring
We need to teach our children about sex-God created sex. When you get your own family, set rules, set standards. Parenting is intentional. You won’t succeed if it is done anyhow, TEACH!!! 
You have to teach them to be industrious ,involve them in fasting and prayers. Our children are the light of the worldWhat we have inside us will reproduce and go on.
Family is a very crucial and important tool in the hands of God. It consists of father, mother and children, not necessarily your own children.
The Family is stronger than any force that can shape the attitude and values of our children. Parenting is a ministry, it’s also pastoring, your pulpit is your home and the congregation is your children. 

You are preaching everyday of your life to your children, it’s a very serious business that shouldn’t be joked with
1 Timothy
If you cannot manage your home well, you cannot manage God’s business because a family is where legacies are made.
Psalm 127
You need to seek Gods face. Samples children did not walk in their fathers ways. It is God’s way not our ways
Train up a child in the way they should go, when the foundation is about pleasing God they will also please you.  The moment you have life inside you, start to prophesy into the life of that child.
Today we are expected to raise biblical literates, that are disciples of Jesus Christ.
The power of life and death is in the tongue, we need to watch what we say.
Teach children honesty, faith and about God. Start teaching them now, parenting today is intentional parenting, it’s deep, structured.
Deliberate indoctrination of the word of God.
Deut 6-7 it’s the primary assignment of parenting. You have limited time, from 0-18 load them with the word of God even when they derail.
– Train them/discipline
Teach them through family devotions
As parents you must model Christ, do as I do not do as I say.
Whatever you want done in the lives of your children, you should show it.
Titus 2:7
– unconditional love
We must sow seeds that will last and not disgrace God. We need to pity the youths of today .
– Be patient
We must make time for our children. Some of us are physically at home but not spiritually. There must be something you are doing everyday with your children, annually or traditions that they will not forget.
You must create time!!!! Make Christianity interesting, God is a show man

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September 20, 2018

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