Family Service, Ministration

Money/Financial matters in the family

Family Sunday 
Minister: Pst Mrs Olaleye
Text: 3 John 2
God is interested in our all round prosperity as families.
Money is very necessary in the smooth running of our homes but not totally indispensable. 
–Money can do the following among other things:
The three basic needs of Shelter , Feeding and Clothing.
Money improves confidence. 
Money can by some level of happiness for a family but not joy.
Money allows for helping others financially.
It enables one to contribute financially to the work of God.
It is desirable to have financial freedom as a family.
1st Timothy 6 vs 9
—-Ways money can be harmful when not handled with the right perspective:
1) Lack of Money puts tensions on homes.
2) Lack of money management can lead to debt .
3) Money can come between us and God.
Knowing that money is a two edged sword , good or bad,  it is necessary to have the right perspective on it. It’s to be a servant and not to rule us.
Principles to adopt to improve our financial manage money  
1) God owns it all. All we have is given by God so there’s no room for greed and wastage  Job 1 vs 20-21
2)  Financial abundance is a trade off between time/efforts and money/rewards.
3) Adopt financial management skills. Budgeting and savings.
-Earn it…proverb 6:6
-Keep it: learn to keep part of your money, don’t spend it all. Genesis 41 vs 33-36. 
Everyone is either a spender or saver. Determine who is who in your family and commit your finances to the saver. 
To be continued…..

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