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Good Hygiene by Mrs Josephine Olaleye (Family service)

Good hygiene is very necessary in a christian home. Men and woman are expected to cooperate and help each other at home. 

The following should be noted:

Cleanliness of your home and your body: have your bath  least at once in a day. God loves cleanliness II Corinthians 3:1. Brush your teeth at least twice daily, grooming of your hair (private hair or public hair). Women are expected to clean up doing their monthly flow. Properly wash their clothes and underwear.
Environmental Cleanliness: cleaning your offices, home and your environments. Everyone should be involved.


A good christian home should learn how to spend and use money i.e earn, keep and grow.
Kelvin Onel who owns sharp town disciplined his children and taught them how to use money and multiply it.

Cosmas Maduka says I don’t throw money on my children, I allow them to work for it, they must value it. 

It is a moral that every family should have, don’t borrow when not necessary, you are not in competition with anyone.
Conclusion, Mattew 24 says it all

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