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Financial matters in christian family by Pst Mrs Olaleye

Text: John 2:10
Financial matter  in christian family

God wants us to prosper  materially. It helps gratify pleasure  and meet our needs.  We shouldn’t put all our hopes on money, as it can separate  spouses  and or the faith. 

1.God owns  it all  – it helps us manage our finances  well. We must understand  that money is never a security  to anything.
2. Financial  abundance is  a tradeoff  between time and energy. 
3. Adopt  the mindset that God is the ultimate the provider.  Prov6:6-9

Poverty is a state of the mind,  man remains poor until he responds to his situation.  We locate how to reach our daily  needs, by meditating on God’s  word. 

There are always  spenders and savers

Pay yourself first  –

Growing your wealth – be contented. We must always maximise our source of income and savings. 

We get according to our ability,  and God watches to see our success with what he has entrusted us with.

We must define what wealth is to us and have a financial plan.

We must look for proven easy though  God to get extra  income for  the family. 

It is also  imperative to take calculated  risks. 

Spiritual  Dimensions
We must pay our tithes and offerings.  It is also good to give to people in need.

Live within your means,  put your funds in what will benefit the family. We must understand the difference between  our needs  and wants,  and make priorities. 

It is basically the man’s husband to see how money is well distributed.  A man must expand his income or reduce the lifestyle when the family  starts to expand.

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