Family Service

The Ever-Increasing Family by Pastor Mrs Olaleye

Preacher: Pastor Mrs. Olaleye

Topic: The Ever-Increasing Family

Reference: Job 8:7, Lk 2:52

Family is the foundation institution of the society.  Every family can trust God for increase in every area of life – Eph 3:20


1. Ever Increasing unity – Amos 3:3, Gen 11:1.

This is about finding unity in diversity. Ensuring situations are a win-win and consistently moving forward. One of the ways of increasing in unity is communication; Listening actively and responsively is key; our actions should be in line with our words; speaking the truth in love being conscious of our tone and expressions.

2. Ever increasing Joy, Peace and Love – Ps 16:11, Isa 54:10

3. Ever Increasing Security – Ps 91:10

4. Ever Increasing Influence and impact. Influence is having the capacity to change the thoughts and beliefs of other persons. The ability to control the minds of people. God desires a family to continually increase in impact that people around us are influenced positively. To increase in impact is to consistently add value in the lives of people.

5. Ever Increasing in Knowledge

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