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You have God’s promise by Pastor Joshua

Pastor Joshua Olaleye
Text: Numbers 13:26-33
Topic: You Have God’s Promise

The children of Israel had a generational promise – God was going to give them a prosperous land. There is a promise hanging over the life of man with respect to the old and new testament.
The promise of Christ to prepare a place for us is one of life’s greatest promise (John14:2-3). The promise of the promised land was for a feast(celebrate, fellowship and serve) God in the wilderness. God needed a friend that’s why he called Abraham – the most important goal of God is to be friends with him before service (Mark3:14). The children of Israel failed in actualizing the purpose of God for them; so many times they turned away from God which resonates with the event of the present church. Refusal to activate God’s purpose as an co-heirs can provoke God to disinherit us (Num14:12). Wrong attitude elongates God’s purpose for our lives. The purpose of God for our lives is Salvation – to save mankind from sin and it’s consequences. We must fulfill God’s purpose by representing Christ in all we do. We have a mandate to reconcile men back to God (2Cor5:18). Our life must be glorious to prepare us spotless for the coming of Christ.
There is a problem for every purpose, there must be resistance to the promise. Our attitude towards the resistance determines if the promise will be fulfilled. We have an imperative to jump over the hurdles in fulfilling the promise. The twelve spies went ahead to survey and confirm the evidence of Gods promise the children of Israel. God makes  provisions for very pf his promise. The ten spies occupied their minds with the challenges (Nephilim, Amalekites and all their negative perception of the land)
Lessons For God’s Promise
1.Focusing on the problem makes us lose sight of the promise.
2.Exaggerating the problem takes us further apart from the promise
3.fabrication of lies is imperative of wrong attitude to the promise.
4.Excuse is the vehicle of nonperformance. 
5.Focusing on the problem denies God of his glory – we must look unto Jesus.
6.We become haters of believers and achievers when we lose focus of the promise – this provokes God to anger (Num14:6-10).
7.We must focus on the promise Keeper and away from the problem.
8.We must keep pure and God will defend us.
1.God perfect all that concerns my neighbor.
2.God answer your name in the life of my neighbor.
3.God manifest yourself in my life.
4.Lord take my eyes off the problems and help me reconcile men back to you.

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