Ministration, Thanksgiving

Who is in charge of your life by Pastor Joshua

Thanksgiving service 
PST Joshua Olaleye
Who is in charge 
Text: John 2: 13-17

God has designed our lives to produce results that represents  his personality. The events of our lives,  should therefore not negate the plans God has for us.  Man was created to dominate and subdue, it’s however disheartening that the devil has taken charge of some destinies. A life that doesn’t correlate with God’s plans,  is an abused life. A life that is abused can’t fulfil destiny, but when God is in charge he turns things around. Once Jesus steps into the case he makes a difference . God has given man authority for use, through Christ. A life controlled by the devil is subject to ridiculous conditions and manipulations. We must therefore allow Jesus step into our lives, as he dislodges every wrong occurrences and inspires a zeal for God in our lives. 
There are two forces in life that determines who is charge of our lives 
Force of light : this controls good and blessings 
Force of darkness: this controls evil and all bad things.
But you have the power of choice to choose the force you want. God keeps you save if you are under the force of God. Whoever is in charge of your life determines what your life becomes. Some of us lost the control of our lives to disobedience and carelessness .
Judges 3: 14. Romans 6: 16. 
How do you take charge of your life
1. Hand over your life to Christ. Psalm 18: 44-45
2. Total submission to God .1 peter 5:6
3. Obey God and praise him and also give him the position in your life. Psalm 67:5
4. God takes over the battle 
5. Appreciating him for all he as done 
6. Resist the devil .

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