Ministration, Thanksgiving

The God of settlement by Pastor Joshua Olaleye

Text: Psalm35:27
God settles a man as he wills – these are the ways God can settle his people.
1.It is God that settles men and gives power to make wealth (Deut8:18).,
2.God also settles people with fruitfulness, like the case of Hannah. Hannah had an attitude of praising God and she was rewarded by God in due time (1Sam1:20).
3.God also settles with victory, when we have lost all hope – giving unexpected victory (2kings20:22-23).  At a time when the battle seems too fierce, we have an obligation to remember God’s testimony of old.
4.God also settles a man with long life (Psalm91:16).
5.God settles with perfect healing (Luke17:11-19).
6.God settles with breakthrough (Luke5:2-8). It is our contact with Christ that guarantees our breakthrough.
7.Promotion – (Psalm75:6) it is God that promotes and not a man.
8.God settles with Building – he settled the Israeli mid-wives at Egypt with Houses.
God has the ability to settle anyone, because he has the ultimate capacity to do as he says. God is not forgetful of any good deed – he remembers all our labour (Heb:10). When God remembers a man, he hearkens to our cries. We are also settled when God remembers the wickedness of our adversaries (1Sam15:2-3). The pathway to settlement is being an incurable worshipper. God gives us our desired raise, when we give him his deserved praise. We also have an obligation of being totally committed to him and humanity in the love of Christ.

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