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Divine Settlement
Bible Passage John 6:5-6
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  • Pastor Joshua Olaleye
Date preached September 10, 2023

September Jacob Service (2nd Service)
Ministering: Pastor Joshua Olaleye

John 6:5-6
Matthew 6-33
1 king 17 vs 9
2 chronicles 16

— God hears your cry, and hears; Genesis 21:17
— He hears you in the time of trouble Sam 20 vs 1
— He hears your cry and sees your need. He knows what to do about your situation psalm 19 vs 15.
— God is working out a miracle for you Genesis 21:17
— My God can never fail; 1 Samuel 2vs 9 Luck 5vs 5
— Your destiny is about to take a new leap. Matthew 12 vs 15

1. Father, in this month of September surprise me pleasantly
2. Father, Before the end of this week let this matter end in praise.
3. Every storm raining in my life and family speak to me about Me
4. Father, do that only which you can do for me in this situation.
5. Father, help me not to despise your help in my life. Amen!
6. Father, Before the end of the month let people hear my testimony. Amen
7. Father, Before the end of September let the heaven surprise me . Amen
8. Father, Help me to hold on to your word until you meet my needs . Amen!
9. Father, Help me not to walk out of your plan concerning my life Amen !
10 Father, set me up for my increase and lifting. Amen!
11. Father, Take from the minimum to The maximum in the name of Jesus. Amen!
12. Father, Help me not to eat the seed that will produce my havest lord. Amen
13. Father, please fight my battle in your own way. Take over and fight for me. Amen

Pls look unto to God in all circumstances. He will direct you.

In series Jacob Service

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