Prayer Point From today’s Faith Clinic

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Father, I thank you for your infinite everlasting grace

Father, support me with your everlasting hand in Jesus
Everlasting hand of God cancel every negative arms of stress in Jesus name
Father, give me the strength to live a good Christian Life in Jesus name

Father, every unproductive effort in my business be turned around now in Jesus name

Father, release your divine favour upon my business and career in Jesus name
Father, protect me from trouble and sorround me with your songs of deliverance
Father, every barrier to the expansion of the church to be remove by the everlasting hand of God
Every plan and strategy of satan against the body of Christ, be banned by the everlasting hand of God in Jesus name
Oh Lord, dismantle every man-made program in the body of Christ and set up your own program
Father, every power stretching their hands in your permanent sites. Lord stretch out your hands in Jesus name
Father, stretch out your fire upon the church
Father, your everlasting hand shall protect this church from the plan of the devil in Jesus
Father, give Nigeria peace and comfort that we despirately need in the name of Jesus
Father, have mercy upon our nation
Father, give Nigeria a leader that will lead with your vision in the name of Jesus
Father, let satanic representatives of key post be destroyed by your everlasting hands in the name of Jesus
Oh Lord, use your broom to sweep away the inhabitation of Boko Haram
Father, every leader aiming to destroy Nigeria with wrong manifesto. Let your everlasting hand destroy them in Jesus name

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