Sunday Sermon with Pastor Joshua: Unending Celebration

Topic: Unending Celebration
Ref:  John 16:21-24

Host Minister:
Pastor Joshua Olaleye

Joy is an overflow from the in depth of a man Psalm 16:11. Celebration that comes by happiness stops when nothing is produced, but Joy of God never runs dry Isaiah 12:3. The basis of your joy is what God has given to you Rom 18:1. You don’t have the strength to carry the burden alone Matt 11:28
There is an expiry date for ever failure. Psalm 30:5.
It does not matter how long your sorrows will take. That expiry date is today in Jesus name. 1 Sam. 1:17-18
Change your continence and God will remember you. Sam. 1:19. Instead of complaining start celebrating> Understanding the God you serve will cause unending celebration
Instead of complaining start celebrating
Understanding the God you serve will cause an unending celebration
Your mood can affect your fruitfulness
When your joy is full there’s no way you can’t give God thanks. Your celebration begins when you begin to appreciate God


True Joy can only be found in God’s presence Psalm 32:11

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