Digging Deep

Soldiers of the Cross – Part 1 by BRO. KENNETH ILENRE -Digging Deep

INTRODUCTION: The journey to the Promised Land is not a bed of roses: Joshua had his wall of Jericho. The journey to the throne is never a downhill but uphill task: David had his Goliath. There is never a crown without a cross first. No one will reach heaven without starting first at Calvary and then resolutely fighting his way through to glory. Matt.11:12. There is no royal road to success.

1) A CHRISTIAN IS AN UNUSUAL CREATURE: A MAN OF TWO WORLDS: A Christian is an unusual personality, he is dead yet alive: in the world but not of the world; living in the flesh but not operating in the flesh; dwelling in a world of science yet living in faith; in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ yet absent from the Lord; a man of flesh and bones yet led by the Spirit, the son of God is a spirit. Galatians 2:20, Jn.17:15-16, I Pet. 4:1-2, II Cor. 5:4-8, Romans 8:13, John 4:23-24.

2) A CHRISTIAN IS ENGAGED IN A WAR: CONTINUOUS AND HOT: Every Christian is engaged in a big war. He is a soldier of Christ, expected to be hardened and disciplined. The war is a continuous fight from salvation to rapture. It is a running battle; continuously hot one that no one dares fight negligently. As a soldier combat, the Christian must be prepared for afflictions, necessities, distress, wounds, imprisonments, hard work, vigils, fasting etc. I Tim.1:18, II Tim.2:3-4, II Tim.4:7-8, Heb.12:1-2, II Cor.6:3-5, Rom.6:13.

3) THE ENEMY HAS MANY FACES AND TITLES: The caption of the opposing forces has many faces and titles: He is a liar, a murderer; the original sinner, a roaring lion, a serpent, a dragon and an accuser of the brethren, a thief, a killer, a destroyer, etc. Assisting him in his diabolical conflict with children of God are a host of well trained officers and agents with frightful titles like principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, highly placed and wicked spirit. John 8:44, I Jn.3:8, I Pet.5:8, Gen.3:1, Rev.12:7-12, Jn.10:10, Eph.6:11-12.

4) OUR WEAPONS AGAINST HIM ARE NOT CARNAL: THEY ARE MIGHTY: Human wisdom and philosophies cannot win this war. Our human abilities are too puny against an unseen and tireless enemy. Victory is through the trinity because our sufficiency is of God. However, we have the Armour to put on. It is called the Armour of light, of righteousness of God. It involves pureness, knowledge of the word, patience, kindness, love,, truth and the power of God. There are six pieces in the Armour but there is a single word to describe it: JESUS. I Cor.1:18-24, Zech.4:6-7, Rom.13:12, I Cor.6:6-7, Eph.6:13-18, II Cor.3:5,I Thess.5:8, Judges 15:14-16, I Samuel 17:45-50.

5) WITH THE LORD ON OUR SIDE, WE WILL WIN: We do not need to fear because of this battle. With the Lord on our side we shall win. God has said that (i) we should not fear (ii) He is with us (iii) we should not be dismayed (iv) He will strengthen us (v) He will uphold us (vi) those against us shall be ashamed (vii) they will be confounded (viii) they shall be as nothing (ix) they shall perish (x) they shall vanish (xi) we shall be a terrible weapon against them (xii) we shall rejoice in the Lord, and (xiii) we shall glory in the Holy One of Israel. Ps.110:1-2, Isa.41:10-16, Jer.20:11, Jer.15:20-21, 17:18, 18:18-22, Heb.13:8, Jer.1:10, Heb.11:30.

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