Prayer Point 14th Feb 2013

Host Minister: Bro Rotimi Akinbode
1. Whatever limitation anyone has set on my life, father break them in Jesus Name
2. Every curse upon my life, my household, my business, my career, father destroy it by fire in Jesus name
3. From tonight my Job, career, ministry, finance are all moving forward in Jesus name
4. Father you answered Elijah by fire. Every impossibility from tonight let it become possible in Jesus name
5. Every situation that is standing between me and my destiny will be destroyed in Jesus name
6. Every situation that is standing between me and my joy, let them be like nothing in Jesus name
7. Every of those mountain that is before me make them to be like nothing in Jesus name
8. Father, this situation is overwhelming me. I need your help
9. Father, distinguish me among my family members and colleagues in Jesus name
10. By you are all things made. Make me a celebrity, make me to flourish in Jesus name
11. God will continually renew and refresh Daddy G.O. We pray for peace in Jesus name
12. We pray for God’s mercy upon our life. Father, in any area that the enemy has entered into my home. Lord remove and flush them out in Jesus name
13. As Daddy G.O clocks 71 we pray for more strength in Jesus
14. Every area that is working against the ministry of our Daddy in the lord, flush them out in Jesus name
15. Every cloud of darkness guarding against the ministerial activity of Daddy let your light prevail
16. Every secrete of the enemy will be revealed to our Daddy in the lord in Jesus name
17. Sorround Daddy G.O family as the mountain sorround Jesrusalem in Jesus name
18. This year you shall not beg to eat in Jesus name.
19. This partner, before the end of this month give him/her one of the 13 miracles in Jesus name
20. It shall be well with my partner in Jesus name
21. Things will not be difficult for my head in Jesus name. Amen

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