How we can manage our resources

According to the scripture:

Money is significant. Manage money wisely because the absence of this can destroy marriage 2 Timoth 6:9. It can come between you and God Matt 6:25. Money is meant to be an instrument in our life Luke 15, Ecc 7:12

1. All that you have at any point in time comes from God Psalm 68:19
2. Believe he can take you to your desired financial destination Eph 3:20
3. Cultivate the habit of giving to God first Malachi 3:8-10
4. Savings and Investment; Save before spending
5. Plan your spending; Budget with your family, avoid spontaneous spending by delaying irrelevant expenses. Aim at asset that will earn you passive income
6. If your current revenue cannot meet your expenses, begin to trust God Isaiah 43:19
7. Determine that money will not create problem for me in my


1. Absolute nakedness:Trust your wife/husband
2. Budgeting and Planning
3. Needs and want Phill 4:19
4. Accountability
5. Integrity

God owns silver and Gold. The lord will place his resources in the hands of his people.uch you earn does not determines financial freedom

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