Digging Deep

HELP FROM ABOVE (Part 7) by Assistant Pastor Mrs Josephine Olaleye-Digging Deep

Text: Ps.121:6
Digging Deep
In the last part of this series, we learnt that the Lord can be as permanent a keeper as your shadow. However, when the sun refuses to shine, there will be no shadow. Today, as we continue our study, may  the Lord bless us richly in  Jesus name. Amen.
The sun is a blessing supplying light by day, giving warmth and helping plants to grow so  that there will be food for  man and beasts. The  moon is also a blessing, supplying light at night, but when the sun does  not rise, it means blessings had become curses. But if the Lord be your help, your blessings will remain blessings. Psalms  121:6; Gen. 1:16-18; Gen.  12:1-4; Gen. 11:10-16;  Gen. 13:1, 2,5-7, Gen. 13:  14- 18,  II Samuel 11: 1-17;  Psalms 51: 11;  I Kings  11:7-11,  Esther 1:14;  Esther 1:9-12,  Esther 1:15, 9-21;  Lk. 10:17;  Acts 1:15-20, Ezekiel 28:12-17; Isaiah 14:12- 17; Job 17:9

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