The Family Service (10am, Third Sundays) is a service committed to strengthen the bond in families and relationships. Our Mission is to make every home within our denomination christian homes. Our goal is to ensure our relationships, families and emotional lives remains in the foundation of Christ
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  • Financial Integrity- Family Service by Pastor Mrs Olaleye September 18, 2022
    FAMILY SERVICE 18th September 2022Ministering: Pastor Mrs Josephine olaleyeTopic: FINANCIAL INTEGRITY Financial Integrity means financial responsibility, capacity and history of personal integrity to operate a financial relationship.Financial integrity also means honoring the promises u made to yourself concerning financial matters.  Personal integrity as regards financial integrity1. Defend your credibility capital. Be determined to defend your credibility capital.( […]
  • SETTING OR RESETTING YOUR Goal By Pastor Mrs Josephine Olaleye January 16, 2022
    Topic: Chat your way to success. Minister: Pastor Mrs Josephine OlaleyePhil 3:12-14 Introduction________________________It is your responsibility to chat your way to success this year. What is success?It is an attainment of a predetermined goal. THINGS WE NEED TO HAVE TO CHAT OUR WAY TO SUCCESS. 1. Desire. Your desire will give you intention and help you aim at where you […]
  • The Ever-Increasing Family by Pastor Mrs Olaleye November 21, 2021
    Preacher: Pastor Mrs. OlaleyeTopic: The Ever-Increasing FamilyReference: Job 8:7, Lk 2:52Family is the foundation institution of the society.  Every family can trust God for increase in every area of life - Eph 3:20KEY AREAS WE CAN INCREASE AS A FAMILY.1. Ever Increasing unity - Amos 3:3, Gen 11:1.This is about finding unity in diversity. Ensuring […]
  • Law of trade off August 18, 2019
    Family ServiceMinister: Pst Mrs OlaleyeTopic: law of trade offText: Hosea 4:6This law says you have give up to grow up .You need to trade your comfort atimes. Hosea 4:16John 12:23-26This law focus is determined on how to do a trade off. What are the things you need to trade off?For this law to work in your […]
  • The law of Ladder by Dcns Josephine Olaleye July 21, 2019
    Character growth determines the height of your personal growth.Personal growth is the best thing you can do for yourself.If you want a better life for yourself, develop yourself.CHARACTERCharacter is the expression of the summary of one’s values and principles. It can either be negative or positive character depending on your principles.Ephesians 4:1, 4:20, acts 11:12, […]
  • The wonderful story of Love by Pastor Mrs Olaleye April 21, 2019
    Family ServiceMinister: Pastor Mrs OlaleyeText : John 3:16Topic : Easter The wonderful story of Love.Don't settle for less. Marring an unbeliever is settling for less.Easter John 3:16 tells the story of love God for mankind.Four things to note:The Love Gen 1:1-51. He created the world.Special creation is Man to be like him.  Gen 1:26-27. He wanted […]
  • Quest for Growth: LAW OF CONSISTENCY By Pastor Mrs Olaleye March 17, 2019
    TText: 1 Corinthians 9:24-27Preacher: Pst (Mrs.) OlaleyeWhat is Consistency?- Defining a pattern you will want to live your live- To be steady- To be focus- To be committedLaw of Consistency:Motivation can keep you going but discipline will make you grow.“The more you focus on how you do things, the better result you will get”When you […]
  • 15 invaluable laws of growth by Pastor Mrs Olaleye Josephine February 24, 2019
    Family ServicePst Mrs Olaleye15 invaluable laws of growth by John Maxwell (Reference Book)The law of reflection states that “when you pause and think, growth catches up with you”.Romans 12:1&2Reflection mean having a serious thought of consideration.How to practice reflection1. We need quietness within and if possible, quietness without2. We need to ask ourselves some deep […]
  • Attaining growth in every area of our lifes by Pastor Mrs Olaleye January 20, 2019
    Family service Pst Mrs OlaleyeLuke 15 ;11Attaining growth in every area of our lifesWe will be looking atGrowthAwarenessActions1. GrowthThere are levels of growth to God, God speaks constantly everyday this is a means of growth, also in your family and business and other part you need growth.Growth is increase in size, it is movement from […]
  • Intimacy in Relationships By Asst Pastor Josephine Olaleye April 15, 2018
    Topic: Intimacy in relationshipsText: Philippians 2:1-11Intimacy comes from a Latin word, that means closeness . i.e vulnerable sharing of ourselves It's about opening ourselves to our partners and children, knowing that we won't be judged .Foundations to intimacy It is based on: love ForgivenessAcceptanceTrust ToleranceCommunicationRespect Intimacy is not automatic, but when you invest in intimacy […]