Enjoying A Healthy Relationship

The master key in enjoying a healthy  relationship is the discipline of not comparing our relationships with others’. The hardest thing to do is trying to  be like the other person, its easier to be what God says we are
A relationship is sharing mutual revelling of one’s knowledge of love. Every man has an endless ability to love, but the ability will be realized differently in every man. We all grow at our own rate, manner and its time according to our uniqueness. So it is helpless to breathe, judge, predict, demand or assume one’s relationship. Keeping a healthy relationship does not mean to imitate, assume or predict…but doing the right thing at the right time in your relationship. Let’s consider some keys to every healthy relationship:

1.       Relational style: this is the type of communication between the two partners about you want your dream partner to relate to you….do you want someone who wants you to be is everything? And include you in all his plan or you are interested in separate private vacation
2.       Spiritual compatibility: spiritual belief are deeply in granted during our upbringing and opportunity that someone will ever form a firm belief as an adult is a personal choice. Whether you consider it right or not…religion or not, the fact is that in a perfect world you will probably love your partner to agree with you view, even in the bible (Amos 3:3)- says two cannot work together except they agree. Obviously, if a faithful Christian maybe marries an unbeliever and prays for a miracle for the rest of his/her life that is a definition of frustration.
3.       Social skills: check out the person’s value in a deeper sense of how he/she shows respect to his family and friends by fulfilling promises, commitment etc. his mood also should not be ignored because a happy man will show up happiness about his anger how does he handle it?
4.       Physical characteristics:  this lets you decide how you want your dream partner to look like..Physically tall, short, fat, slim, long nose etc. after you have chosen your right partner please remember a healthy relationship that will glorify the name of the Lord. Don’t ignore those things you don’t like but seek the face of God in your decisions. Walk in love instead of falling in love, by doing that you are saying no to the wrong doings. Love is like a mirror, learn to take corrections because love is a learning phenomenon and mind you it can be perfect always, sometimes the thought of being perfect frightens us and almost rubs us of doing the right thing even taking in corrections. “The master key in enjoying a healthy relationship is the discipline of not comparing our relationships with others’. The hardest thing to do is trying to  be like the other person, it’s easier to be what God says we are”
5.       Communication:this of course transcends talking or talking with. It involves making the other party understand what you mean using vivid vocals or body language.  The way women communicate is quite different from the way men communicate. Women use more vocal language to express their feelings so men should stop being insensitive. Do not hush her while she’s trying to say things that bother her. Women should always know that they were created to be motivators and influence the man. You can’t control him
6.       Forgiveness:crises and disagreement are inevitable in any relationship, whenever it arises, two things are involved or two polarities are involved. The person who committed the offense needs to have a change of mind and the other needs to look at forgiving, these makes the wound to heal more effectively. Forgive and let go of the past, the past is no longer real, it has value because you learnt from it so don’t live in the past life for now!!. Stop referring to partners past mistakes. We all make mistakes in life so forgive, forget and if you love, then love and catch the beauty of the moment because life itself is beautiful!!
Composed By: CYNTHIA OBI

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