Digital Dating

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Pre Couple Forum
Lovers of Facebook, BB Pingers, followers of twitter and other social networks, Single brothers or sisters. 
Are you a BB pinger?
Do you love meeting friends?
Are you in search of a long lasting relationship?
Do you think online/digital dating is polite, and can lead to marriage?
Do you engage in any of the social media networks at least one hour, 3 times a week?
If you you answer yes to any of the above questions, here is the big event that awaits you.

Come see how we could get this right, plus we offer fantastic gift items to the 1st 10 attendees
Don’t Miss it!!!
                                                             SIDE ATTRACTIONS
Talk show

Guess Speakers; Tope & Femi Omoniyi

Venue: RCCG Strongtower Akoka No, 3 Community Rd, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos.

Powered By: Radiant Life Ministry in Collaboration with RCCG Strongtower Parish

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