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All Christian about the big Sins such as murder, adultery, fornication, anger, covetousness, stealing and so on. the Lord spoke to the children of Israel against these after bringing them out of Egypt in Exodus 20:3, 12-17. That says you shall have no other gods before me, honours your father or mother so that you may live long, you shall not commit murder, you shall not steal, etc. Believers in Christ avoid these like plaque, but worry less on little sins, Heb 12:1. Yet these little sins deny Christians of their breakthrough

Little sins are little foxes that spoil the vine
They are like a drop of poison that can render a bucket of water undrinkable, or dead flies that make a precious ointment stink, so does little sins destroy mighty men and women of God. Ecc 10;1, 1 cor 5:6-8, Mathew 16:6, Gal 5:3-9

Examples of little foxes or little sins are:

  1. Sleeping of extra minutes 2 Sam 11:1-7
  2. Taking a little extra 1King 13:6-10, 15-24
  3. Careless talk James 3:3-6
  4. Minor Disobedience; Gen 16:2-5, 8-9, 14-15
  5. Joking about your sources of power
  6. carelessness

In Conclusion
little sins are little foxes that true Christian should watch out for so that the leader to next level will easily be climbed.

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