Digging Deep: Tuesday, May 8 2012

Unmerited Favour
Grace is God’s unmerited favour. It is kindness from God we don’t deserve. There is nothing we have done, nor can ever do to earn this favour. It is a gift from God. Grace is divine assistance given to human for their regeneration (rebirth) or sanctification; a virtue coming from God;  a state of sanctification enjoyed through the divine favour.
Some biblical examples of God’s grace and their outstanding characteristics;
David-commitment/diligence; David was the least of his brothers as evident from that fact he was almost forgotten in the lineup of sons. By mans standard, if the throne was meant for the house of jesse then it can never be David. But a study of his life reveals a life of commitment/diligence which is required of leadership. 1 sam 16:6-13, 17:34-36, Act 4:33, Prov 22:29,2 Timothy 2:15
Esther-Humility Esther 2:12-15; A jew was chosen as queen of a powerful Persian king in the midst of other Persian medians. By societal standards she would have been an inferior race and had no business in the palace James 4:6, 4:10, 1 timothy 2:9-10, 1Peter 3:3-4, 5:6, Prov 16:5, Psalms 138:6 Prov 15:25
Shunamite woman- Willing and cheerful giving: the shunamite woman was childless; she recognized the man of God and took care of him without giving thought to the fact that she could get solution to her situation (Childlessness) from him. By mans standards she is too old and her wealth can complement her situation. 2 Kings 4:8-17, 4:35, 1 kings 3:4-13, 2 corith 9: 6-7, Acts 4:36-37, 5:1-10
Bartimeus- Asking in Faith Mark 10:46-52, Blind bartimeus was a bloody blind beggar and by society standards does not merit any reward. To society he sinned or his ancestors and he is serving his punishment. Better still why should the king of kings bother himself with a lowly beggar when the high and mighty of society remain unattended to. But the lowly beggar kept on crying in faith he had in the son of the Almighty God and even cried the m ore when rebuked. Hebrew 11:6, matt 9:20-22, Luke 7:6-10, James 2:20, Luke 18:1, Romans 5:1-2
DANIEL- Absolute obedience to God’s word: Daniel 6:8-26; Daniel had just been made the president of presidents by Darius the king of Babylon who was a great ruler on the earth then. Rationalizing it God has used Darius to bless him so he should obey Darius to bless him and whatever Darius says. Daniel refused decree that was contrary to God’s word and in the end God’s name was glorified. 1st Samuel 15:22, Exodus 15:22, 15:26, Deut 28:1, Romans 5:19, Heb 5;8, John 1:1, 2 Timothy 3:16
We are in the season of great grace and we should note that God’s grace will not abound with sin- Romans 6:1-2. We need to present the characteristics that provide the platform for Great Grace to abound.

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