Digging Deep 15th May, 2012

Topic: The Shinning Star



Stars shine at night, which is fitting because there is certainly a lot of darkness in our world today. Isaiah 9:2 says, “The people who work in darkness will see a great light”. This is the light that shines in darkness (John 1:5). The light of Jesus is not satisfied until it has invaded the whole world. How? Through the efforts of the stars of Jesus.

Host Minster: Bro Ebenezer Ausi

How can someone become a shinning star?

  1. You cannot shine except you are in Christ Jesus; Matt 5:14
  2. Total obedience to God: Phil 2:12a; Col 3:22;
  3. Work ot your own salvation: 2:12b-134; Just as we daily work out plans for ourselves, we also need to have spiritual work  plans. How? 
  • Paul did not say that we can earn salvation; Gal 2:21, Titus 2:11
  • Paul did not say that there is anything more needed for salvation other than faith in God Eph 2:8
  • We need to be doing things that will stimulate our spiritual growth such as; 
a)       Effective prayers– Luke 18:1, Daniel 6:10, 1Thes 5:17
b)       Word loaded; Joshua 1:8, 2Tim 2:15
c)       Worshiping God; Psalm 103:1By Living a holy life; 1 Peter 1:18-19, Eph 5:27
d)       By living a Holy life; 1 Peter 1:18-19, Eph 5:27 
4. By being diligent, skillful and hardworking: Daniel 6:3, 26-28,; Prov 22:29
5. By showing good examples; Colo 3:12-13; 2 Corith 2:2, Titus 2:7
6. Shout out the witness of your salvation; Philip 2:17-18, Daniel 12:3, Rom 10:14-15, Isaiah  52:7
7. By you giving and support to the work of God: Gen 22:1-19, Heb 11:17; Gen 26:12, 1 Kings 17:9-16
        I.            External Blessings; Dan 12:3; John 5:39; 2Timothy 4:7
      II.            Respect and prosperity; Acts 7:10, Gen 42:6
    III.            Unlimited Joy, love, peace and Harmony: 1 Thess 2:19-20; Acts 2:41-47
Any Star, no matter how little can penetrate any darkness! You are the chosen star God depends on to light your generation. arise and shine for your light has come!

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