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Text: Psalms 1:1


In the last week study, we studied that there are three categories of blessings: (i) physical, (ii) soulish (i.e, pertaining to the minds) and (iii) spiritual. Can you recollect some of these blessings? In this study, we want to know which of these blessings – physical, soulish or spiritual – belong to the children of God.

1 Peter 5:7. God cares about all we care for.

PHYSICAL: Physical blessings are for God’s children.

(a.) He intends for them to have the very best­. Ps. 34:10, Ps.103:5.

(b.) God also promised good  health to His children – Deut. 7:15, Jer.30:17, Exo. 23:25

Deut 8:18, Joshua 1:3.

SOULISH: Soulish blessings also belong to God’s children.

(a) He wants us to prosper physically and in our souls. 3 John 1: 2.

(b) He wants us to have rest of mind – 1 Peter 5:7

(c) He is determined to give us all blessings. Matt. 6:31-33, James 1:5.


Not only are we expected to be blessed spiritually, we are even encouraged to be covetous where spiritual blessings are concerned – 1 Cor. 12:31.

We are told to strive  strongly to improve  spiritually. 2 Pet. 1:5-7.

Now that we know that these blessings are available to us, the next question is, how can these blessing be obtained?

PHYSICAL: Physical blessings can be obtained by:

1. Letting the Lord dwell in your home – 2 Samuel 6:11, Psalm 16:11.

2. Paying of tithes and offerings – Malachi 3:10.

3. Giving  to others – Luke 6:38.

4. Be diligent. Prov 22:29.

SOULISH: Soulish blessings can be obtained by:

1. Studying the Word  of God – Proverbs 13:18, Romans 12:2.

2. Following righteousness and mercy – Prov 21:21

3. By humility. Prov.22:4

4. Serving God. John 12:26

5. Praying. James 1:5-6

6. Witnessing. John 15: 1-2

7. Abiding in Christ. John 15:7

SPIRITUAL: Spiritual blessings can be obtained by:

1. Living a Holy Life. Isaiah 58:8-11

2. By Faith. Mark 9:23

3. Trusting in the fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 1:3-4


Now that you know that all these blessings are available for you as a child of God and you know how to obtain them, God is willing to bless you if you are willing to meet His conditions. Will you like to tell Him about your decision now?

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