Digging Deep

BE NOT A FOOL By Bro Tope Atobatele- Digging Deep

Digging Deep

Date: Tuesday, 26/07/2022

Peacher: Bro Tope Atobatele


Introductory Text: Proverbs 14:8


Foolishness  is  the  exact  opposite  of  wisdom.  It  is  deadly  and destructive  to  be  known  to  be  a  fool.  Foolishness  is  a  killer  and  a destroyer. You can know a fool in talks, action, thought etc. As  children  of  the  Most  High  God,  we  must  not  be classified  as  fools  for  whatever  reason.  In  this  teaching  today,  we  shall  look at  the  characteristics  of  fools.

1. Fools  deny  the  existence  of  God.  Whenever  you  see  a  man  who denies  the  existence  of  God  in  word  or  action  he  is  no  other  person  but a  fool.  It  is  only  a  fool  that  will  claim  to  be  independent  of  God.  Psalm 14:1;  53:1,  Luke  12:16-21. 

2. Fools  mock  at  sins.  Fools  do  not  mind  the  consequences  of  sins hence,  they  commit  sin  at  random.  Fools  lack  the  fear  of  God  too. Pro.14:9;  10:23;  15:21.9. 

3. Fools  despise  instruction.  A  fool  will  not  take  as  important  any instruction  given  to  him.  He  does  not  regard  instruction  for  any  reason. Give  a  fool  a  manual  to  read  he  would  despise  the  instructions  therein. Pro.15:5,  31-32; 13:18. 

4. Fools are contentious. When you see a fool fighting  or  contentious,  it is  normal.  Fools  can  fight  anytime  and  anywhere  on  trivial  matters. Pro.18:6-7; 12:13; EccI.  12:13. 

5. Fools  have  self  confidence.  A  fool  assumes  he  knows  it  all  and  is better  than  any  other  person.  A  fool  thinks  others  are  inferior  to  him. Pro.28:26; EccI.  7:9;  Pro.3:5;  Jer.9:23. 

6. Fools are dishonest. It is not  a  virtue  for  fools  to  be  honest.  When  you see  a  dishonest  man  at  any  level  of  life,  then  you  have  seen  a  fool. Jer.17:11;  Psa. 55:23.

7. Fools  are  hypocritical  in  nature.  A  fool  is  saying  one  thing  and  doing another thing. A fool lives a dual life. A fool pretends to be what he is not.  Luke  11:39-40, Rom.1 :22; Eph. 5:15. 

8. Fools  reveal  their  folly.  When  fools  speak,  it  is  easy  to  know  them. Fools  do  not  keep  secret.  They  expose  their  plans  before  they  begin anything.  Fools  talk  more  than  act.  Pro. 12:23; 15:2; 18:2;  Eccl. 5:3; Eccl. 10:3


Just as the book of Jeremiah 9:23-24 shows that only a fool boast about his/her riches, wisdom, might and self. A child of God will only boast that he/she understandeth and knoweth God, this is wisdom.

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