Digging Deep

3 categories of people to avoid to be blessed by Bro Ifeanyi

DIGGING DEEP                                                                                    Tuesday 3rd March, 2015
Text: Psalms 1:1

We have learnt about various types of blessings and that these blessings are for God’s children. However, Ps. 1:1 states specifically that for a man to be blessed, he must avoid the company of 3 categories of people. Can you name them? Our first question tonight is.
Why is it dangerous to take the advice (counsel) of the ungodly?
What do you think?
An ungodly man is someone who is not directed by God – Rom. 8:14.
The advice of an ungodly man will therefore be dangerous because:
a) He will lean on his own understanding – Proverbs 3:5
b) Yet his mind is reprobate i.e. he cannot think straight – Rom 1:28-32
c) If a man is not being directed by God, then he must be directed by Satan – I John 3:8-10
d) In any case an ungodly man cannot give a godly advice – Matt. 7:16-18.
2) WHO IS A SINNER? Job 25:4, Rom. 5:12. Who is not a sinner?
All those who have been washed in the blood of the lamb – I John 1:7.
If a man finds himself in the way of sinners, he should not stay or stand there but get out quickly. Why?
a) The way of sinners is darkness and sorrow – Prov. 4:14-19
b) Their wicked ways will lead to their own destruction – Prov. 1:10-19
c) So that the Christian might not backslide – II Peter 3:17
3) WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A SCORNER? And therefore why must we avoid them?
a) Pride – James 4:6, I Peter 5:5
b) Lack of love – I John 4:7-8
c) They talk too much – Prov. 3:32, Prov. 10:19
d) God hates scorners – Prov. 3:34
e) Scorners are fools – Prov. 14:6, therefore his reward is shame – Proverbs 3:35, judgment and stripes
Proverbs 19:29.
CONCLUSION: Can you see now why a man that avoids the ungodly, the sinner and the scornful will be blessed? Can you see why a man who mixes with them will be cursed? What do you want, blessings or curse? Won’t you talk to God now to grant you the grace to be separated unto Him!

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