This Service is specially coordinated and designed for the Singles & Young Adults every Sundays of the month by 7:30am. It is interactive, edutaining, motivating and mind blowing

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  • Story of Seyi Abolaji August 18, 2019
    Youth serviceMinuter: Mr Seyi AbolajiTopic: My storyGreater work will you do .You are special because of the holy spiritIf you have the holy spirit, you have a life of impactHoly spirit help us maintain integritySuccess is not a magical process.Holy spirit is an aid to success in lifeEducation is about read, write, communicate and help […]
  • Living a purpose driven life by Bro Tunde Abiola February 24, 2019
    Youth and young adult serviceMinster: Bro Tunde AbiolaTopic: Living a purpose driven lifeText: Gen 1:26-281. Knowing or discovering your purpose2. Pursuing3. Keys to discoveryPurpose is the reason or intention behind a thing.Purpose is the reason why God made us in the first instance.Psalm 82:6Your purpose is not an outcome of your creation  .your creation is […]
  • The Holy Spirit by Victoria Inok April 15, 2018
    Text: Zachariah 4 vs 6, Acts 1 vs 8The Holy Spirit reveals God to you. Who the Holy Spirit is not1. Holy Spirit is not a thing . Gen 1 He is real 2. Holy Spirit is not a force or fire .. He is a person 3. He is not an errand boy, He […]
  • Red Flags in Courtship by Mr Tunde Abiola February 22, 2018
    What are Red Flags in Courtship?Issues you should not ignore or excuseIssues that have the tendency to grow with time and become monsters if not given appropriate attentionIndicators of possible  fundamental problemsPotential threats to your relationship dreamsPitfalls waiting to happenWhat to look out forNB: Applies to both genderSpiritual FlagsHe doesn’t have a clear or definite […]
  • The Power of Vision by Pastor Seyi Olawunmi February 19, 2018
     Running With The Vision (Series 2)Proverbs 29:18New International VersionWhere there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom's instruction. It is VISION that holds your life, time, energy, focus and power together in a direction that leads you to a desired future Ability to think about or plan the […]
  • Youth Service Ministration (Pastor Bolaji Ogunwo) 30th June 2013 July 7, 2013
    "Opportunityisnowhere" What do you see? 
  • Youth Service Ministration With Bro Ifeanyi Eke (20th January, 2013) January 20, 2013
    Topic:The Kingdom and the PrinceRef:Matthew6:9-13Host Minister: Bro.Ifeanyi Eke"The Slave"The slave fears but does not loveThe slave does not go out his way to do thingsThe slave is not committedThe Commoners"He can easily be attacked by the devil1.You must be born again2.You must be identified for God3.By your works4.By Maturity- You need to grow in prayer.-You […]
  • Its here again. The Second Special Youth Service. Be Punctual...... April 14, 2012
    If you are a Youth, Young, Strong, and vibrant. Don't hesitate to be at tomorrows Special Youth Service. Theme: "The Youth and the Nation" , Time: 7.30am, Date: 15th April 2012.Lots of varieties await you such as: DramaTalk ShowMoment with Daddy G.OVenue: No.3 Community Road, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos