Digging Deep

We need A Revival – Part 2: Digging Deep

Date: Tuesday, 23rd August, 2022
Preacher: Pastor Joshua Olaleye
Topic: We need A Revival – Part 2
Digging Deep
In the previous study, we listed the danger signs on the pilgrim’s way that tell him when he needs a spiritual awakening, a revival. Among these danger signs inability to pray and study the word of God as before, oversleeping, overeating, impatience, talkativeness, worries, lack of faith etc.
This week we want to answer in some details: What is a revival?
1. It is a time when Christians collectively humble themselves before God in true repentance – Lam.3:40-42, Hos.6:1-3, Ezra 10:1-13, Luke 3:1-20.
2. It is a time when Christians collectively rejects the idols in their lives. By idols we mean anything that is striving to displace God as our number one priority – II Kings 23:4, 2 Chr. 19:3, Acts 19:17-20.
3. It is a time when Christians collectively seek the Lord afresh and wholeheartedly. This brings in the sinners too – Zechariah 8:20-23, Ps. 80:7, Acts 9:25, Acts 11:21
4. It is a time of spiritual repairs after satanic destruction. This is because whenever a people seek the face of the Lord in truth the Lord will move on their behalf, Isa.57:15-17, Jer. 3:21-22, Hosea 14:4-8, Joel 2:25-27.
5. It is a time of the restoration of the joy of Salvation and divine blessings – Ps. 51:12-13, Ps. 85:6, Acts 8:8, 2 Chr. 7:12-14.
This is because as the people seek the Lord the more a desire to pray more often develops in them until it envelops them – Psalms 80:18, Acts 2:42-47.
Shall we now collectively humble ourselves before the Most High in true repentance confessing our sins and rejecting them? Shall we collectively seek the Lord our Redeemer afresh and in truth? Shall we or shall we not?

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