Digging Deep, Ministration

Total wholeness for the king’s business.

—-Dcn Tomi
The king is not defined by what he wears or what says, he is defined by who he is because of the authority he process. He is defined by the possession of the kingdom. He gets it either by conquest or inheritance, a King is an able man.
Prov 8 vs 14-15.
Talking about the king of king, the king of all king, the supreme God. The king we talking about is the God almighty.
What is business: Any principal activity in your life that brings profit. We are to looking at every principal activity that brings profit to God. The kings business. What so ever that won’t bring profit to God then its not of God. But if your life is your business to God, then its concern by God. If your life is profitable to God, then its the kings business.
– Properties of a business
1. Commitment/ diligence
2. Hard work: the business should be what you working at.
3.purpose: there must be a purpose .
4. Total wholeness: an undivided attention. Completeness of your life.
– What’s the kings business ?
The main business is soul winning and this because it is profitable to God. john 5 vs 17
2. Teaching the truth.
3. Making disciples . matt 28 vs 18. Make disciples of all men.
4.  Business of health (healing) Matt 28, 10 vs 1.
5. Business of deliverance.
With this, you can bring profit to the kings business.
– What is the importance of total wholeness.
3John vs 2, 1st Thessalonians vs 23, 2tim 2-15, 2tim 2-21, Dan 1 vs 3 -5
Your spirit, soul and body are important to the kings business, your wholeness matters a lot. You must be a vessel unto honour for the masters use.
The importance is for us to be healthy for the kings business.
You need to be sanctified.
Isaiah chpt5 vs 1-7
— What you gain when you are profitable:
1.There would be protection
2. Security and surveillance
— How to sustain wholeness for the kings business
1.  Having a good understanding of Gods work. Dan 11 vs 32.
2. Be observant  Joshua 7 vs 8.
3. Total service, total service to God.
4. Discipline/ control .
5. Fasting and prayer
6. Baptism of the holy spirit.

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