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Bible Passage 2 Corinthians 12:9
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  • Pastor Mrs Josephine Olaleye
Date preached September 17, 2023

September Family Service
Ministering: Pastor Mrs. Olaleye

2 Corinthians 12:9, Philippians 4:13

We thank God for this year’s Help Weekend, coming, as usual, immediately after the convention, with the theme, Beyond Expectations. Undoubtedly, we have all been imbued with wonderful dreams and mighty visions concerning the church and various aspects of our ministries which are beyond expectations. The purpose of this exhortation is to ensure we don’t put the cart before the horse or think that we have any power to achieve anything meaningful and glorious except by the Grace of God. And neither is anything too big to accomplish or overcome if we truly partner with the Lord. You will make it, with mighty impact on lives in Jesus name.

Mighty Visions, Sufficient Grace
– Vision is crucial
– Partnership and Empowerment for Vision Pursuit
– The Work is not Carnal
– Grace is Fundamental
– Prayer is Essential
– Commit the Work and the Challenges to God
– God is the Great Provider
– Trust the Lord for Grace to do Great things, even, the Impossible.
– Preach the Word Always.

Prayers Points
– Father of Mercy, thank you for who you are and what I am in You in Jesus name.
– My Father, My Maker, I come before You to plead for mercy, in my area that I have sinned against you. Let your mercy remove every weight of sin in my life.
– Father, let your mercy order my steps, guide and connect me supernaturally, and bring me supernatural favour to affect many lives in Jesus name.
– My Father, My Maker, Let my life ever affect others positively and gloriously in Jesus name.
– Father, hear my cry this day and provide me with all it takes to always touch lives wonderfully in Jesus name.
– As I cry to you in faith concerning any problem, Father, please give me all that i need for a solution in Jesus name.
– Jesus, thou Son of David, do not judge me by the measure of my faith; let the shower of your mercy fall on me beyond expectations to touch the lives of many, gloriously from day to day in the name of Jesus.

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.


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